Inciting intersectionality and intercultural theatre in Vancouver and beyond.


Would you like to learn more about arts and culture in Vancouver?  Do you have skills, perspective, experience you’d like to share?  Do you care about issues of diversity?  Are you someone who likes to help out?  Then consider getting on board!  Joining the board of a small arts organization gives you an up-close and personal chance to support the workings of a creative enterprise. 

For more than six years, we, the current board of Visceral Visions, have been doing just that. Treasurer Kelly Chan is a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) and CA (Chartered Accountant) with more than a decade of experience in assurance services, risk assessments, and consulting for start-up organizations, who has always been passionate about the arts, culture, and community. Secretary Scott Parsons is a former actor now running a successful business evaluating risk and safety issues on film and television sets.  Vicki Chan, a CPA/CA who currently works in the field of corporate restructuring (with previous experience in assurance and corporate tax), enjoys attending local musical events ranging from musicals to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  Judy Chan collaborated with celebrated author Paul Yee on an award-winning literary cookbook for children, Chinese Fairy Tale Feasts, and continues to inspire and train the next generation of fashion professionals as a teacher at Eric Hamber Secondary. And President Beverly Yhap is a published playwright and co-founder of Cahoots Theatre in Toronto, who currently works in healthcare.

Please contact us with your questions. We'd love to meet you!