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Board Recruitment 2020

Visceral Visions is in an exciting growth and development stage as an organization, and we are recruiting new board members to work with us to support this development. 


  • are passionate about the arts
  • have some experience with governance, non-profit organizations, and/or arts organizations
  • enjoy working collaboratively and as part of a team
  • have values aligned with Visceral Visions' mandate
  • preferably self-identify as Indigenous or racialized and/or provide perspectives from other marginalized intersections

We are looking for board members who:

  • have skills and/or expertise in the following areas:
    • HR (Human Resources Management)
    • Legal
    • Accounting and/or Financial Management
    • Fundraising, Sponsorships and/or Partnerships
    • Marketing
    • Organizational Development and Strategic Thinking
    • Board Governance and Development
  • are interested in moving into leadership roles on the board through succession planning
  • can participate on at least one committee: Finance, Governance, Fundraising, or HR 

Time and Role Commitments

  • Board terms are 2 years; we hope that all board members will complete their full terms
  • Board meetings are 4 times a year for 2 hours max.
    • Board members may join meetings virtually. 
    • Please note: our current board meetings are all online.
  • Our AGM takes place in November or early December and is approximately 1 hour long
  • Committee meetings will be monthly or bi-monthly (depending on the committee) and are 1 hour long
    • all board members are asked to join at least one committee of their choice/interest
  • Timely responses to ongoing email communications

If you are interested in a position on the Visceral Visions Board of Directors, please email Davy Chiu, Chair of our Governance Committee, with a short paragraph describing why you're interested and to which areas you are most interested in contributing.