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Visceral Visions promotes events that feature artists of colour (AOC) in lead(ing) roles, i.e. writer, director, designers, and lead performers. We also post opportunities that are specific to and/or are committed to including AOCs. You can submit an event or opportunity by sending us the information through our contact form.

In addition to providing event name, dates, venue, and a URL that links to how an interested person may purchase tickets, please be sure to provide information about the participating AOCs, including name, role (e.g. costume designer), and how the AOC self-identifies (e.g. Latin American). You may also include a short promotional description about the event and an image no wider than 700 pixels.

Submitted events and opportunities are moderated before being published on the site, at the discretion of Visceral Visions. Publication on the site is NOT guaranteed. 

OPPORTUNITIES: Call for Submissions

Open deadline - Theatre Criticism Opportunity with (and for) Colin Thomas. Longtime theatre critic for Vancouver's The Straight, has an open offer to mentor writers of colour. "It’s important to get more people of colour (POC) reviewing theatre. If anyone wants to know more about the techniques and business of criticism, I’d be happy to share my experience. I’m also interested in learning about the experiences of POC as they relate to theatre practice and criticism. If you want to chat, contact me directly."

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